Danielle (Athena)
I have studied ATS, ITS & Tribal Fusion belly dance for over 12 years. Prior to discovering ATS, I studied ballet for 12 years as a child including 4 years with the Royal Academy of Ballet in the UK. I hold a BFA in Acting from Baylor University and my MBA from UTA. I have a passion for Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Costume Design and Finance. Classically and jazz vocal trained, I have had the pleasure of being the front woman for various jazz and rock bands in Seattle and Dallas. I am thrilled to have discovered Belly Dance through my best friend and dance sister Kelia. I thank her for her continuing inspiration as a dancer, co-teacher and co-troupe leader. I would also like to thank my first ATS instructor Brandy for her guidance, instruction, friendship and experience in her troupe. Besides out regular troupe rehearsals in Euless, TX, I also teach a beginning ITS class on Monday nights in Waco, TX. Please reach out to me directly on Facebook for more information.Thank-you for visiting our site and I hope to see and meet you at our performances.

Kelly Hart (Kelia)
Kelly a co-founders/co-director of Brazen Bellies. She has been involved in dance and theatre most of her life and has been performing in Tribal ITS and Fusion belly dance troupes for over 14 years. Prior to starting Brazen Bellies, with her best friend, Danielle, she was a member of Tribal Evolution, where she formed the foundation for tribal dance. Kelly regularly travels and studies, striving to continue to push her dance education and horizons. She would especially like to thank Ariellah, her mentor and an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration. In addition to dance Kelly has a BFA in film and video and an MBA from UTA. She is a founding partner at NU Design, Inc.(a local multimedia design firm) and she is an artist working in clay/mixmedia focusing on interactive art in public spaces. She is also supposed to mention that she loves her dogs, cats and boyfriend. (but not necessarily in that order!)

Tess Haranda (Tehara)
Tehara started studies in Egyptian and American cabaret styles of belly dance in 1998 and American Tribal Style/ Improvisational Tribal Style/ Tribal Fusion belly dance in 2004. During her studies, Tess has had the opportunity to also take workshops in Bollywood, Bhangra, Javanese, Bharatha Natyam, and many ethnic and folk dances. Additionally, she was a facilitator of the now-closed Dallas PURE chapter (

She has been a musician since childhood, picking up many instruments along the way. She applies that now to hand drumming (doumbek/tabla) and zils. When Tess is not dancing, she is a life coach (, an author and writer ( and, a teacher, and lead mentor of teachers (

She has been a musician since childhood, picking up many instruments along the way. She applies that now to her studies in hand drumming (doumbek) and zils.   When Tess is not dancing, she is a professional life coach (, and she teaches middle school language arts.

Elena Todd (Iona)
Iona's interest in dance began when she was still a toddler watching her older sister's dance classes. She actually snuck on stage during her sister's dress rehearsal and danced hula with the bigger girls.

That started a 31 year journey in dance including ballet, tap, jazz, toe, and as an adult, tribal style bellydance. She has danced as a member of Desert Dancers, Tribal Evolution, and Brazen Bellies.

She has also has a long history in music, playing piano and flute, and singing various styles of choral genres. She was part of performing choirs in junior high, high school, and college, where she performed with Northeast Direction, a TCJC show choir.

Inactive or Retired Members

Jamie Medford
Jamie is currently chilling(and by chilling, we mean working her butt off and going to school) in an undisclosed location, off the coast of Galvaston but we will lure her back...yes, we will.

Stu Kirgis(Shalimar)
Stu's early training was in ballet but she didn't received her first point shoes until the age of 40. (yes, 40. . . isn't that fabulous!) Her longest dance experience was performing Ukrainian folk dance for 18 years. (again, seriously, 18 years) She has clogged in 3 different clogging groups and has been belly dancing for 13 years. She also enjoys ballroom and country & western dancing and she hopes to see you at our performances!